Mediation Services in Prescott, AZ

Mediation is a confidential settlement discussion between you the other party that utilizes a trained neutral third party to assist in trying to resolve your dispute. In mediation, the parties control the outcome rather than a judge or arbitrator. The mediator cannot give legal advice to either party and does not decide who is right or wrong. Instead, the mediator facilitates reaching a compromise by listening to each party's interests and exploring settlement options.

O'Leary Eaton, PLLC Mediation Services

Parties can choose to attend mediation before going to court or once their case is pending, and can attend with attorneys or without them. Sometimes the parties are in the same room for mediation sessions and sometimes they are in separate rooms where the mediator moves back and forth to discuss the issues and potential options for settlement. Mediation may take up to one day or over multiple sessions depending on the complexity of the issues and ability of the parties to reach a compromise. If a compromise is reached, an attorney drafts the settlement documents setting forth the agreement reached in mediation.
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